The Tower of Shambalah

Created and donated by John R. Vandewalle, is the newest addition to our permanent art collection.  This metal sculpture completes our recently redesigned planting island in the middle of our circle drive, drawing the eye upward, and casting playful shadows on the perfectly manicured lawn.

“I was born and raised on the Illinois side of the Quad Cities in Rock Island.  I attended Rock Island High School and was instructed by teachers who were kind enough to instruct method without pushing their own ideas, allowing the student’s creative process to show.  My formal study comes from Black Hawk College and Augustana College, where I graduated with a degree in Art.  My formal study will never stop; I hope to continue to evolve with the help of my family and former teachers who will be influences for life.  Being from the Quad Cities I am influenced by the prairie, the river, and the four seasons that change them.  In this area we are fortunate enough to see nature in so many ways, it is our provider.  It provides me with inspiration and the materials that I work with.  Thank you for taking the time to stop and look at my pieces.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you.” ~Johh R. Vandewalle

Birth of a Dolphin

By Bruce Turnbull, donated by Jean Walgren…

Generation to Generation

Commissioned and funded by Mrs. Isadora Katz, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Harris, and Mr. & Mrs. Zeivel Harris, in honor of Ann and Ben Harris, is the creation of artist Karoly Veress, a Hungarian sculptor.  The bronze sculpture is an abstract form with a plant-like feel, and sections that appear to be growing.  Over twelve feet tall, the sculpture is mounted near our reflecting pond in the South Gardens. 
“This sculpture reflects the vertical accumulation of the contributions of generations, striving for the highest, thereby building our culture.  The four components grow upward, and support and embrace one another.  To me, this is a metaphor of the living culture itself.  A culture is flourishing and it is growing as long as we contribute to it, adding and changing the existing environment.  It is important to contribute with great respect for our past and great responsibility for the future generations.  Behind our contribution is the drive of self manifestation.  If we contribute, we can keep our culture alive, and are able to create continually.  But only here and now, at this spot and in this moment are we the closest to eternity.  And please let us realize that every day in our life is an opportunity to mark our sot and make our fingerprint eternal.” ~Karoly Veress

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