We'll Come to You!

If transportation is a challenge preventing you from scheduling an educational tour at the QCBC, we're more than happy to come visit your classes. We'll bring a "road show" version of our programs to give your students a meaningful and educational plant experience. 

The cost for this program is $40 per class and includes all supplies for approximately 30-45 minutes of programming. 

An additional mileage fee may be added for locations more than 20 miles from the Botanical Center.
Topics are flexible, call for more information.


-All tours are $4 per student for two activities, and an additional $1 per student, per activity after that.

-For each 10 students with paid admission, one adult (teacher, aid, chaperone, or parent) will receive free admission.  All other accompanying adults will each pay $3 admission.

-Welcome to bring sack lunches

6th and Up

​​Programs can be adapted for all ages, call for more information.


K - 5th Grade

Sun Garden Tour:

Enjoy an interactive tour of our tropical Sun Garden. Students will use their senses in an exotic environment different from their own back yard.

Green House Planting: 
Students will learn about a greenhouse and what plants need to survive.

Each student will take planted seeds or a plant home. 

Learn about monarch butterflies and their interesting life cycle.

 Plant Parts:
Students will learn about the various parts of a plant and a flower by looking at the plants here at the center.

Carnivorous Plants:
Students will be introduced to the fascinating world of meat-eating plants and why they eat meat.  Craft available upon request. Also, you will see our own very own carnivorous plant collection!

Life in the Rainforest: 
Explore the wonderful world of a rainforest.  Learn about plants and animals of the rainforest, and the balance between the two.  Special presentation available of Madagascar's rainforest.

Beautiful Bats:
Students will learn about what these nocturnal creatures do for our environment and explore the bats' unique adaptations

Learn who pollinators are and how they are important to us.  Students will identify a pollinator and test their knowledge with an interactive game.

Water Cycle

Discover how our water travels all around us by moving as a water droplet in an interactive game.  Mississippi River programming available.  Please call for more details.

 An Ant's Life:
Students will learn about ant life underground and how the colony works together to survive.


Learn how to create and use compost made from worms.  This hand-on activity investigates how worms help break down our organic waste. Student will be have the opportunity to touch real worms.

Terrific Terrariums:
Explore a terrarium's purpose and the ecological connection to our earth.  Students will build a terrarium to take home.  Additional supply fee of $1 per student.​

Mississippi River Eco Programming:

Come discover our mock Mississippi River and learn about the uses, wildlife and the affects humans have on our river in three separate lessons.  

Fossil Fun:

​​Fossil Fun: Plants lived millions of years ago and have left their mark on the world as fossils. Check out how fossils are created and learn the different types of fossils. (3rd grade & up)

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Telephone: 309.794.0991

How-To Book

To book your educational tour, contact Greg in the education department.

Phone: 309.794.0991 x208
Email: edu@qcgardens.com

Please have the following information on hand:

Phone Number
Group Name
Number of Students
Date/Time of Visit

Educational Programs
The Quad City Botanical Center offers a variety of educational programs for families, schools, youth groups, and more. Please review the information below to learn more about your options! To schedule a tour or register for a program, please contact our Education Department at 309.794.0991 ext. 208 or edu@qcgardens.com.  

Pre-School - 1st Grade

Stories in the Gardens
Come enjoy the fresh warm air and vibrant surroundings as we read some of our favorite stories in the gardens. Choose any story and accompanying craft for $3 per child; tour takes half an hour.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Learn about insect metamorphosis and focus on enhancing student counting and coloring.

The Lorax By Dr. Seuss

​Come explore environmentalism through the legend of the Lorax and a Thneed, then make your own Lorax themed project.

​​Hey, Little Ant by Phillip and Hannah Hoose:

Help a young boy decide whether or not he should squish an ant and learn how ants are a lot like us! Students will discuss what they would do if they were the young boy.